Royalty share

The best feature about the seed NFTs is the royalty share mechanism.
Usually, the artist of an NFT collection will receive its payment in the form of royalties to be paid after every transaction of the NFT market. From royalty share point of view, all seed NFTs are equal.
We would like to offer to our seed investor community a piece of the cake. Nemea project will recieve 8% royalties in connection with the asset NFT series. We will offer the 10% of our royalties of the asset NFTs to the seed NFT holders, who may claim it at any time.
To see it in numbers, if an asset NFT will be worth of 60 SOL, the seed NFT holders will recieve 0,4 SOL after the transition.
Please note that if you hold only 1 seed NFT, you will recieve only 1/10000 proportion of the above amount.