Fractionalzed ownership

For an average investor the biggest barrier to investing into the real estate market is the price of the real estate unit. Yet, many of them would love to participate because of the traditional value, stability and historical price appreciation.
By breaking apart the ownership of real estate units into several small pieces, this barrier will be vanished, and average investors can allocate their capital into investments previously inaccessible to them. By reducing the price of an asset by orders of magnitude, the pool of potential buyers are significantly increased.
Real estate fractionalisation in the framework of the blockchain will affect the real estate market positively. As the fractional ownership shares being tokenised costing significantly less than the real estate unit itself, the average investor will be able to invest without any additional difficulties. Fractionalisation can make the price of real estate ownership comparable to share prices of a company.
The technology of Solana (or any blockchain in fact) removes the borders and globalises the market access, which increases the liquidity even more, and makes it instantly tradable.
Finally, it is possible to mitigate risk by the means of smaller units.