Property management

Nemea asset NFT holders are not able to manage the properties they own as a traditional landlord. It is unrealistic to expect numerous individuals from across the world to coordinate proper property management decisions.
A property management company is required in order to upkeep the property and manage all landlord responsibilities. Property management companies are paid a portion of the rent collected from the tenant and are responsible for paying the asset NFT holding property owners. Using a property management company allows for minimum necessary involvement on behalf of the asset NFT owners. In the most ideal scenario, nothing of significance will ever be asked of asset NFT owners, and ownership of the property is as simple as owning an asset NFT.
The property management service provider will be paid a cash fee equal to 10% of rents collected on the real property asset held by the Inc. and a cash fee equal to 3% of the cost of all repairs to a real estate while the asset is owned by the Inc.