What ifs?

What if not all seed NFTs will be minted?

No problem, we will burn all the unminted seed NFTs, and the supply will be smaller. In all circumstances we proceed as set out in our plans.

You plan to buy a real estate involving 2000 NFT holder's money. What if not all 2000 asset NFT will be minted, will you have enough money to buy the real estate?

In such a scenario we will search for a cheaper real estate that also fits the business plans, so there will be no loss of money for the asset NFT holders.
in the event that there is so little money coming in from the NFT sale that it is not enough to buy any property, we supplement the capital from our own resources, or we buy back the asset NFTs, or we wait for the next asset NFT mint and join them. All decision should be made in common with the NFT owners.

What if the price of the token will drop close to zero?

We have calculated our tokenomics so that the collateral behind the asset NFTs will always pull back the price of the token from deep dips.