General information

We don't believe in promises that we can't keep. Most of the projects promise everything, of which nothing is realized as it was communicated.
Our project is not a sprint, as mentioned before, we plan to operate our project for 20 years of period. We know that this term is long, but real estate investments are profitable on long term basis, and we are still young enough to manage the project for the whole period.
In ideal case we will achieve the milestones on time, however, it would be irresponsible to say the exact day for sure, therefore we reserve the right to advance the date of the realization of certain milestones or postpone them to a later date.

The offline section

We have finished the following offline tasks (as of Oct 15, 2022):

  • we have researched the legal background of the project, including how to acquire ownership of real estates in a fractionalized form;
  • based on the ideas of the founders plus the legal and financial advices we have set up the core structure of the project;
  • we have selected all the business partners who will cooperate in the implementation of the project;

The following job has to be completed

  • set up the shareholder company that will buy the real estate projects - DUE DATE: following the mint of the seed NFT collection;
  • sign all the partnership agreements regarding the management of the real estates (maintenance, construction companies, tax advisors, legal advisors, etc.) - DUE DATE: simultaneously with the launching the shareholder company;
  • start searching real estates that fit the purpose of the project from financial point of view - DUE DATE: simultaneously with the launching the shareholder company, however 3 real estates are already available to buy.

The web3 section

We have done so far (as of Oct 15, 2022):

  • after making a wide range market research on the NFT scene we have compiled the structure of our project;
  • we have made pitching among crypto investors and NFT enthusiast, and based on the feedbacks we have finalized the business model;
  • we have made the calculation regarding the tokenomics, and we have created our tokens;
  • we have been working on the artwork for 6 months now, and finally we have finished all layers and traits to be ready to assemble our NFTs. It took really long time go get to this point, but our NFT artwork really has ART in it, compared to the artworks of ready made collections that may be purchased for 500 USD on the market;
  • we have set up the website, the social platforms, and we have launched them recently.

To be done:

  • choose the proper dox service provider - DUE DATE: up to the date of mint;
  • verify the project through an auditor company - DUE DATE: up to the date of mint;
  • minting of seed NFTs - DUE DATE: November 22, 2022;
  • minting of asset NFTs. Based on the hype and the market demand we will decide according to which schedule the 200.000 pieces of asset NFTs will be minted. For sure the first 10.000 pieces of asset NFTs will be released in short term - DUE DATE: within 2 months the set up of the shareholder company
  • create liquidity to our tokens through liquidity pool at Raydium - DUE DATE: within 2 months of the seed NFT collection mint date;
  • set up token claim app for seed NFT and asset NFT owners - DUE DATE: within 2 months of the seed NFT collection mint date, but before the mint date of asset NFT collections;
  • partnership with DeFi to give more utility to our NFT holders - DUE DATE: within 3 months of the seed NFT collection mint date.