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Why does it make sense to buy NFTs over buying a real estate?

No limits

Currently, an independent real estate investor has room for maneuver within the following limits. As an example, we will present the steps, costs, and returns of real estate acquisition through the example of a USD 200k worth downtown property in Budapest, Hungary.
The price of the property is: USD 200,000
Attorney's fees and government fees are: 5%
Such an apartment can usually be rented out monthly for: USD 850 to USD 1,100.
This represents a net return of: 5-6% on an annual basis.
The property must be dealt with, both in terms of tenant management, maintenance, and financial participation in repairs and development of the condominium.

Web3 approach

What Nemea provides you is much more and different: Nemea utilizes the property and distributes the resulting profit among the owners of the asset NFTs, in the form of issuing a fixed amount of coin per month until the end of the project, which is 20 years.
We offer a net return of: from 15% on an annual basis.
Advantages over a traditional real estate:
  • The purchase of the asset NFT does not incur any additional costs and responsibilities in comparison with the purchase of a property.
  • The asset NFT buyer can make a smaller investment with an average price of USD 100.
  • Minimum 3 x higher return if we only take into account the amount of the token payouts.
  • Add to this the increase in the value of asset NFTs, which results in a higher value of the NFT real estate unit compared to a traditional unit.
  • Added to this the increase in the exchange rate of existing paid coins.
  • Return on investment is up to 6 years compared with the traditional/plain real estate investment, where the turnover is at least 13 years.