Why a good investment?

From token point of view

As mentioned before, every asset NFT owner will receive the profit in the form of NEMEA token.
The value of NEMEA token will be defined by the market, however the starting price will represent 20 years of the accumulated average value of the real estate, the estimated value increase and rental income (of the 20 years of project period).
This means that by the time of purchasing the asset NFT, the owner will upfront receive the part time extra profit of the following 20 years of period. This will make the asset NFT and the token even more valuable.
By each public sale tender of the actual real estate project, we will define the amount of NEMEA token to be paid out to the asset NFT owners based on the actual exchange rate of the token.
This means that if the exchange rate of the token will rise during the project, the more profit the investors will receive. We will set up a top limit of tokens to be paid out per project per asset NFT in order to avoid the devaluation of the value of the token.

From asset NFT point of view

In addition to the above, if an asset NFT owner will receive a dedicated number of tokens during the project period, and the value of the tokens will increase. The value of the NFT will rise rapidly as well, because the value of the interests to be paid after the NFT will become more valuable.
The offline profit of Nemea Inc. will add value to the asset NFT as well. The more offline profit the shareholder company achieves, the more valuable the shareholder company may be deemed, therefore the asset NFT representing one share of the company will be more valuable too.

From seed NFT point of view

We will issue at least 200k asset NFTs during the project period. The seed NFT holder will receive royalty after the secondary market purchase of asset NFTs.
The more asset NFTs are on the market, the more passive income will be earned. The higher the value is of the asset NFT, the more the seed NFT will be worth.

From offline point of view

From the offline profit we are going to buy even more real estate units on behalf of Nemea Inc. that will make the shares of Nemea Inc. more valuable, and indirectly will affect the value of the asset and seed NFTs also in a positive manner.
Furthermore, if the members of DAO and Nemea Inc. have mutual consent, the after-tax income of Nemea Inc. may be allocated in the form of dividends between the Nemea Inc. owners.
Once we have achieved several milestones, we intend to refinance the real estate portfolio of Nemea Inc. online and offline as well in order to disengage liquidity. We will use this liquidity to generate further profit at the crypto market and the offline real estate market.