What is it about?


We know that in the world of crypto business there are a lot of scams, and if someone invests into a new project, there is a possibility beside the giant profit for the total loss of the invested amount.
In our project we wanted to develop such a business opportunity, where the possibility of losing the investment is zero, and transparency is at the highest level.
There are NFT collections that suffer from lack of utility, however the artwork is not an objective matter, there are no fundamental reasons to keep the price high.
We found the solution to keep your investment secured.

Real estate investment though NFT minting

Nemea is offering real estate investment in the form of purchasable fractionalized real estate ownership shares in the form of NFTs issued by Nemea.

Collateral security

The owner of the asset NFT has collateral security for its investment, the real estate itself. The unique advantage of our model is that the value of the asset NFT will not fall under the initial worth of the investment given that we choose only such real estates to involve in this project which have the potential for huge increase in value.