How does it work?

NFT as a share

Nemea will issue NFTs. There will be two types of NFTs: seed NFTs and asset NFTs.
Every asset NFT will imply the purchase option right to one share of the Nemea shareholder company during the term of the project.
This means that the NFT holder will be able to exercise its right of option to purchase the share of Nemea Inc. without any additional cost in order to become shareholder at any time.
If an investor holds the legal title to the NFT and exercises its right of option, beyond receiving the yield after the selected real estate it will be directly the partial legal owner of Nemea Inc. and indirectly the partial legal owner of all of the real estates held by the company as well.

No restrictions

One investor can buy unlimited numbers of NFTs in any of the Nemea asset NFT series.
We are planning to manage at least 100 projects, but in case there will be high demand on issuing new Nemea asset NFTs, with the consent of the DAO we will continue with further projects to ensure more profit for the NFT owners.
Initially the real estates will be purchased within the European Union, however we plan to expand our activity across the world and search for the most profitable real estate investment opportunities.