Total project volume

We are going to sell out the asset NFTs from our treasury as we are purchasing the real estate units. Total supply of NFTs will be 200,000 pieces. Releasing the supply will be timed with how we are buying the real estate units. By the purchase process of a real estate unit we will release the asset NFTs for the given unit.
Initial price of one real estate unit will be around USD 200,000. One unit’s ownership rights will be fractionalized into 2,000 NFTs, therefore one NFT will cost around USD 100 at the time of the purchase tender.
Projected value of one real estate unit will be USD 600,000 at the end of the 20 years lifespan of this project.
Asset NFTs may be purchased in SOL.


We are planning to sell out half of our supply in the first year, but obviously this will depend on the market demand.